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Too start off, I’ll just give you guys a little background to the brand SKETCHPAD.

I was hired to be the head designer of Greenville Clothing’s Spring 2007¬†collection and it was a learning experience for me. What made it so astounding was the fact that it was my first time to really create something for the public and the response was amazing — though there were a number of pitfalls along the way. I’ve learned a lot in the last three months and I will continue to work with John and the whole Greenville team on their upcoming projects.

But before all that was going on, I was always talking about bringing my own small line up to show people what I’m capable of. I wanted to show people something they’ll never see reflected on the Greenville line — due to the different directions of each companies. But I’ll be quite frank, I started the Sketchpad brand NOT to cater to anyone else but myself. I’ve always loved the exclusivity and with that, Sketchpad will be a limited release brand. I have many other aspirations and will continue to branch out into different fields, but this is my baby awaiting its arrival. My stepping stone on my trek to the top of the mountains, so to speak.