The Foreign Exchange.

We were at the DunkXChange at Club Incahoots in Fullerton today. The overall reception of our debut was overwhelming and we met some good people along the way. Shouts to Philip from Trendy Trash for showing us love.

Our first customer, Chris was rockin’ the right shoes at the right time. I told him I was going to give him a shout so here it is.

Yea, we didn’t need a booth. The guerilla style worked well enough but it made for a long day as we had to work that much harder for a look. The great advantage of hanging out in the back by the stage was….

U-N-I came through to show us some love. These guys are coming up QUICK..first, they were the Myspace featured artists and then they made it onto HipHopDX as Certified DX NEXT. They’re the rappers — heiling from the city of Inglewood — who were behind the underground hit ‘K.R.E.A.M. (Kicks Rule Everything Around Me)’ which has become the anthem for all sneakerheads and/or hypebeasts. Check ’em out.

Afterwards, we had dinner at Pat&Oscar’s out in Buena Park. Those breadsticks are literally to die for.

Tomorrow, we do it again.



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