Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.

Today started out on a bad note with us not being able to get into Poly HS as planned. There must’ve been something stuck up the security’s behind because we were there on time and saw them letting everyone else in while telling us we were not allowed due to ‘visitation policies’. I hate campus-cops behaving like they’re more superior than they really are. Anyways, we are TRULY apologetic to everyone and we honestly did everything in our power but to no avail. All was not lost though.

We went to eat at the local Cambodian restaurant, La Lune, and I guess when your stomach is growling the whole morning, everything tastes so much better. The food was alright, now that I think of it, but it was a lot better than if we went for the usual burger and fries.

Afterwards, we headed out to Ground!d and peeped out their new tees. Please stop by the shop and show your support. The Ground!d boutique has been one of my favorite local joints — being that they always have some of the friendliest people there and they have a nice selection of brands to choose from : Mishka, Hellz Bellz, MarriedToTheMOB, 3Sixteen, Greenville, etc. Also, check out their BLOG! for all store updates and stock. Shouts to Moria!

(where’s dino?)


And shouts to Brandon for keeping his closet stocked with the whole SKETCHPAD collection. The picture came out blurry, but it just shows you that we’re really starting this whole project with nothing in our pockets but a cheap Sony aim-n-shoot. Support the cause. Keep the independant power strong.



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