Schemin’ & Plottin’

Started the day off bright and early at the ATTIC’s Spring Cleaning sale and I picked up two of the jagged theHUNDREDS hats. We had some sort of ‘VIP’ treatment and were able to enter in through the back door while the rest of the people lined up outside for hours. The line wasn’t absurdly long but the wait might’ve been annoying because they only let a certain amount of people in at a time.

(hmmm…which one of these shoes just does NOT belong in the bunch?)

So afterwards, we all headed out to what’s become thee SKETCHPAD spot — Pat & Oscar’s — for some much needed lunch. The best part of the whole place is that you get a reasonable-sized pan of pizza, a bowl of salad, a good amount of the best breadsticks in the whole wide world (or at least the best bread my tastebuds ever had), and a bowl of pasta (or two, if you prefer it over chicken) for an amazing price of $19.99. Now when you’re ballin’-on-a-budget, it doesn’t get any better and it fed five hungry people very well. The other thing about this place is..and here’s the kicker




After the good eating, we headed out to Prophets to discuss with Rene about our next project — which by the way is going to be REALLY good stuff. The Prophets’ store is different from other boutiques in that they don’t cater to a lot of the major street brands, but rather, they focus on supporting the smaller, more underground brands that are trying to come up. This is the spot where the whole a-dollar-and-a-dream scheme becomes literal in that some of the brand owners are just teenagers with a vision and wanting to express themselves through their arts without the convenience of a big budget.

(where’s dino?)

(I didn’t know BRINKS had a clothing brand)

(Ohhh..and there’s



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