SketchpadLOVESGround!d x BBQ TIME!

The BBQ was a success and I’d like to personally thank EVERYONE who showed up — either to cop a shirt for support or just there to freeload off some free food (SUCKERSSS!!!). Also would like to thank Moria and the Ground!d team for getting the whole thing together. THANKS to the whole SKETCHPAD street-team for showing up AND all those who purchased a Sketchpad shirt. Okay, that’s enough ‘thank-yous’. I’m starting to sound like I just won a Grammy. I took a TON of pictures and recorded some rather interesting video-clips but I’m not going to make this blog REALLLLY long so I’ll post the video up later. I love GROUND!D.

I totally PUNK’d her earlier.

Christine said this picture has to be on the blog and whatever she says..goes..because from the look of the shirt she’s wearing, she makes good decisions.

Just a couple of these pictures…and for the first time — NO HAT. Well, the hat IS there but….

John (Greenville) came through and debut his ‘Luxury’ tee at the BBQ (LIMITED!!!). The rest of Greenville’s collection can also be seen and purchased at Ground!d.

And YESSSSS, the Sketchpad Team in FULL EFFECT.



1 Response to “SketchpadLOVESGround!d x BBQ TIME!”

  1. 1 ponyboy March 31, 2008 at 3:23 am

    the poly sketchpad tee looks cool..i seen the guy in the red hundreds @ target before lol

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