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Back By Popular Demand

I wanna thank everyone who’s been asking about the blog and to answer the biggest question as to why we haven’t been updating our daily going-on’s, well it’s quite simple. My camera broke. And to top it off, the three of us had an altercation over who’s designs are better and who the spokesmodel should be — since we all think very highly of ourselves. Despite the chaos, we found a common ground — which just so happens to be right off of Melrose at the WORLD FAMOUS PINK’S HOT DOGS. Don’t let the smiles fool you. I still hate those guys with a lot of passion.

Why was Kui’s hands pointing down there, I have NO idea. Don’t get any weird ideas kids. Please.

One of these people are looking at the wrong sign..and trust me..there weren’t any girls to check out in front of him either and I should know, because if there were, Adam’s eyes would’ve been right there with him.

After standing in what seems to be an infinite line, we finally got our WORLD FAMOUS’s. I don’t remember the names of each of those dogs — I had the Mulholland Drive — but one of them is a veggie-dog, I swear. Now that I look at the pictures, those hot dogs look MIGHTY unHEALTHY but I devoured mine and almost half of Kui’s Sausage Dog (please refrain from any homophobic comments).

So onto another trek…R&J’s Soul Food. We’ve been coming to this spot for a while now and it’s the perfect spot to introduce your friends to who have never had soul food. The problem is, if you asked me where it’s located, I’d ignore the question because it’s a ‘secret spot’. You have a better chance of getting a response if you asked me where you can purchase an Anchor Blue hoodie. (..pretty random eh)

So the thing about not having my own camera around me 24/7 is that I don’t remember to take pictures of the food AS THEY ARRIVE as I used to do. This was the aftermath. I apologize. I know we have a lot of ‘food-fans’ who enjoy seeing the actual food on our blog.

Then we went to a store we’d love to hate to love. I don’t think any celebrity of OUR STATUS would think EVER admit that they ever set foot inside this store but when you’re ‘keeping it real’  like us, you’d love ROSS too. Who doesn’t like to ‘dress for less’?

Thanks to Kui for finding me some really ugly Nikes that matches my shirt WAY TOO PERFECTLY. I honestly think Bobby Hundreds made the shirt that colorway because he too has a pair of these nasty boots. Really, thanks. Now I can rock this outfit and get all the ladies at Comic-Con.

We came to the conclusion that this is the face of the new Sketchpad Brand. Well, it was never conclusive but who can say no to a pose like this?

It feels good to blog again because I was starting to go through withdrawals. Who knew this would be a full-time job in itself, but you guys keep it fun. AND NO I don’t really hate those guys and there were no altercation of any sorts. If you believed that for even a moment, then I guess I’m just REALLY good at fooling you…or you’re just really slow. Til next time, keep checking in.

photos by Kuizzy