Remember The Time

There have been a lot of controversy over the ‘N’ word and it’s become even a bigger issue now that a rapper has decided to use the term as the name of his next studio album. This is the perfect example of the clash of the generations because as many youths today use the word ever-so lightly, the older generations who’ve experienced the hatred which held the weight of the word have every right and reason to be on the offense. No other word has held so much pain and anguish in Americana history yet the confusion it holds is even a much bigger issue nowadays. Where do we draw the line?

I brought this topic up because as society has gotten worse throughout the years, there are certain issues that’s been too deep-rooted for us to forget. The Holocaust in Germany, the Killing Fields of Cambodia, the terror of 9/11, and of course – SLAVERY. No matter how far along things have come, there are events in the past which still has an effect on the cultures of this country. To forget the hardships is to become an ignorant people. This goes hand-in-hand with the ‘N’ word which is wrapped in every lyric of every rap song we’ve ever listened to. Is there really any justification for anyone in this modern generation to use the word? This isn’t a race issue. To be able to raise through adversities, you must dig deep into your roots so as to never let history repeat itself, yet it seems that history HAS repeated itself but instead of the ‘MAN’ pushing down on the people, it’s the people who are doing it to each other. Where do we draw the line?

Many of you may not know who’s in the picture I posted on the top of this blog. He’s one of the few writers whose published works I’ve been glued to for many years now. Langston Hughes. I was doing some cleaning up in my messy room and I came across some of his books that I’ve purchased some years ago and I went through the pages again and I couldn’t believe how hooked I was. I read it for hours and into the middle of the night and I realized how the things he mentioned of the oppressiveness and degradation of society has come back full circle to our day. It’s really a sad thing when a lot of people would say that we’ve come so far from that era, yet we seemed to have regressed.

Here’s one the really hits home. Mr. Hughes had written this piece describing his attraction to Communism. Slavery and inequality had become such a burden that he’s reasoned his way into the Marxist government as the only way to fair well. The poem sheds a different light of truths within our modern society.

A New Song

I speak in the name of the black millions
Awakening to action.
Let all others keep silent a moment
I have this word to bring,
This thing to say,
This song to sing:
Bitter was the day
When I bowed my back
Beneath the slaver’s whip.
That day is past.
Bitter was the day
When I saw my children unschooled,
My young men without a voice in the world,
My women taken as the body-toys
Of a thieving people.
That day is past.
Bitter was the day, I say,
When the lyncher’s rope
Hung about my neck,
And the fire scorched my feet,
And the oppressors had no pity,
And only in the sorrow songs
Relief was found.
That day is past.
I know full well now
Only my own hands,
Dark as the earth,
Can make my earth-dark body free.
O thieves, exploiters, killers,
No longer shall you say
With arrogant eyes and scornful lips:
“You are my servant,
Black man-
I, the free!”
That day is past
For now,
In many mouths-
Dark mouths where red tongues burn
And white teeth gleam-
New words are formed,
With the past
But sweet
With the dream.
Strong and sure,
They sweep the earth-
Revolt! Arise!
The Black
And White World
Shall be one!
The Worker’s World!
The past is done!
A new dream flames
Against the



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