Kickin’ Back & Stayin’ Ground!d

Thanks again to Ground!d for throwing another successful BBQ. There was so much going on today but thanks to everyone who came out to support.

Moria got a few burns from the BBQ-ing and I guess you can say this is behind-the-scenes footage of what might be on the Ground!d BLOG.

 The guys from Defined came out to enjoy the food and the company. It looks like Dave was being really rude talking on his cell-phone while they were trying to conversate with him, but it just LOOKS that way. He’s actually one of the nicest guys around.

Kenny, the Ground!d model, getting prettied up and ready to serve you.

And now for a couple of SKETCHPAD sneak peeks for the anxious fans. COMING SOON.

What is that on Adam’s head? Is it? NOOOO WAYYYYY…

We can’t show you EVERYTHING now, but you can make out the next shirt from here with whatever you can visibly see.

 And of course, the ‘BEAR’ of the hour…




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