Spoken Word

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve been deeply in-tuned to Spoken Word for years now. I remember going to open-mics with John when we were bearly starting out with his brand Greenville. We’d return home with a head full of new ideas and a heart full of inspiration. I remember doing my first piece at a social gathering and being a nervous-wreck but excited at the same time. The first applauses from the crowd after I’d finish was surreal.
I love sitting in a bookstore for hours just going through pages of literature works from Nikki Giovanni to Saul Williams to any new works from various new poets. The Spoken Word scene is still considered ‘underground’ but those who’ve experienced a slam-battle in person have always hungered for more and it’s a scene that’s only going to get bigger. What I love about the fanbase is that you’re always forced to be innovative and original so the culture will never tire.

Alvin Lau — Asia America, Where Have You Gone?

Gemin — Poetic Bloodlines

Rupert Estanislao — Empress

Taylor Mali — What Do Teachers Make?

Black Ice — Imagine

Get your LEARN on.



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