Step Into The REALM

So there’s not much going on and I was bored so I decided to play around with my new camera. I took pictures of some random things in my room that I think are pretty cool. Sure, I could’ve cleaned the place up a bit but I’m a messy person. If I cleaned up, then I’m just putting up a front and lying to you.

A signed copy of a publication from a small-time artist by the name of Shepard Fairey and his not-so popular OBEY campaign.

More good readings. I picked those IronMan comics up well before the movie made it to the big-screen. I won’t say I’m a comic-nerd, but I started paying attention to Tony Starks when I started listening to Wu-Tang. Ghostface Killah quickly became one of my favorite Wu members after Method Man because he was such an interesting character and his delivery was different from any other rapper out at the time. He still schools the new kids in the game these days easily. If you don’t know, go pick up Supreme Clientele and ENJOY the Hip-Hop Tony Starks.

Yes, I have dolls on my bed. I loved Sonic since I was a rugrat.  AND I loved penguins…

…so much maybe because I looked like one when I was a rugrat.


I also love my Pointman.

Only the most comfortable thing to walk in out of my whole shoe collection. Yea, it’s nothing really HYPE but the quality and the lightness beats anything flashy any day.

Nothing beats $5 Footlong Tuna Subways and a bag of Guacamole chips from Walgreens. Then you wash it all down with a Rockstar so you’ll be healthy and NEVER sleep.

This is like a cheat blog because I have nothing else to talk about, but you get to see how I’m living and I always wanted to do an MTV Cribs because at the end of every episode, you get to pretend to kick the camera-people out of your house. So since we’ve reached the end of this blog, get off of my page!




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