Just The Beginning

I was at the Long Beach Poly Graduation Ceremony yesterday evening at a packed Veteran’s Stadium. So many proud parents screaming and chanting their children’s names as it were announced. Confettis. Balloons. The worst — the blowhorns in my ear. I think every graduation ceremony is just a beautiful occasion because it’s a stepping-stone for these young adults to finally do whatever it is they’ve always dreamed about. The potential to be great starts NOW. Congratulations to the CLASS OF 2008 EVERYWHERE. Welcome to the REAL world.

This picture was taken just seconds after I noticed this kid was giving me the middle finger for — I don’t even know how long.

The guys from DEFINED couldn’t get enough of the SKETCHPAD BLOG fame, so they came back for seconds. I was kind of surprised how they knew where I was at the exact moment. It was as if they were stalking me, but it’s always good to see people I know in a crowd of strangers because that just means I’m that much more popular.

Brandon said Lil’ Wayne is better than Jay-Z, but little does he know that he’s actually throwing the ROC in the air.

Now we EAT…

Of course, the reason everyone was there.


Congratulations Angie.




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