Goodbye DAVE

Dave (GROUND!D) is leaving to take over Europe so what better place to throw him a FAREWELL party than at GROUND!D. From the first time I stepped foot into the store until today, he remains to be one of the nicest and one of the most popular faces in the store with his beat-up Unkles’ and all. I guess this means Ground!d has a modeling slot open but those are some big shoes to fill because Dave does have some big feet. We wish you well.

Jon parks like he runs the place but it’s okay this time because he’s responsible for some of the footages on this blog. Yea, he took all the horrible shots and blamed my camera like he runs this blog too so you kinda get the picture.

Where’s Jon?

Where’s Dino? Remember those? I haven’t had one of those shots in a while.

Kenny. Still EVERYWHERE!


It’s gonna be different without Dave hanging out at the store all the time but everyone is still staying “Ground!d” and there’s a bunch more good people still running the show. Watch out for the Ground!d “LONG BEACH” City Tee coming out really soon. We’ll keep you posted.



1 Response to “Goodbye DAVE”

  1. 1 vesna June 22, 2008 at 6:21 pm

    yea. you better not put up those pics of my feet!

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