TAPATIA Is A Bottle Of Female Hot Sauce


Nothing humbles me more than to see how people react so positively to what I do. When someone compliments the work I’ve done for the Sketchpad brand or when they purchase one of the shirts we’ve worked so hard on, it’s just an amazing feeling. Before this whole project panned out to what it is now, Adam was very enthusiastic about the idea and it was just an incredible feeling to be around someone who appreciated my vision as much as I did. The whole story of how we began was quite interesting but that’s for another time. This post is a nod of appreciation to our friends who’ve supported us so much. Not fans. Friends. Thank you.

As for the collage, a special thanks to one of our favorite cheerleader / hype-woman who’s been there with us, practically since day one, for putting it together. Candice aka TAPATIA. There are certain people you meet, who convey so much enthusiam and positive energy, that you can’t help but be absorbed by it. Candice has always been that kind of person, and the CRAZY part of it all is that we’re not even paying her to be that way. On a serious note, we’ve all been very grateful of your continued support.



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  1. 1 T A P A T I A June 29, 2008 at 8:10 am



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