I met Tony who runs the HUNDREDS store in San Francisco and I must say, he was a very down-to-earth person. These last few days, I’ve met MANY people who I’ve looked up to and had a chance to not only take pictures with them, but actually held conversations with. I noticed that the streetwear scene is in fact a very tight-knit community and everyone’s willing to help each other out. After walking around and just talking to everyone I usually just read about in blogs, I realize everyone of them — no matter how successful — are all one in the same; ordinary people with extraordinary dreams.
I didn’t really mean to go off on another tangent, but to cut to the chase, I’m just stoked to be on Tony’s blog. But why is Kui staring at my head?
Oh and the shirt I’m wearing…Greenville.


The Social Trust were on hand to take pictures for the Hundreds’ block party…and TA-DA..




1 Response to “YNOT?”

  1. 1 Christine September 4, 2008 at 2:03 am

    wow..What a weekend we made out of two weekdays.. crazy yeah? I know we could all get used to this lifestyle really fast. We better slow our roll… So, on a serious note ; We make everyone elses Mondays and Tuesdays jealus.. ha ha ha aaa… mmmmm anyone for Pho and a 40?

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