Sam Flores, Alex Pardee, and Nate Van Dyke are in the middle of the Ignite What’s Next tour which is sponsored by Sparks and Upper Playground. You have to check their blogs out and bookmark them because they’re GREAT reads and also BOOKMARK OURS *ahem*. They individually are great artists but when they’re put together to do one big piece, it’s just amazing. Unfortunately, they aren’t making the rounds to Los Angeles and the closest we have to seeing them on this tour is Phoenix, Arizona on October 4th. They’ve accumulated a lot of new works as of late, and as always, very inspiring. I’ve been a fan of Sam Flores’ works for a couple of years now since he started to heavily work with Upper Playground and he’s ventured into many different facets of collectibles that range from tee-shirts to shower curtains to pillows and a gajillion other things. He has distinguished his works by the trademark ‘big hands‘ on his characters and you can tell his paintings just by glancing at it.

Here’s a clip of what they’ve done in Boston. Partying up at night. Painting and creating a moving masterpiece at day. Life is beautiful.




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