Dear America…A Letter To Lady Liberty


dear America,
they say
change came
as a crane made of paper
to fly as high as skyscrapers
we’ve survived the naysayers
we’ve brought life into prayers

they say
sons and daughters have bled
enough blood to wash the red
off of your flag
no longer a star-sprangled rag
dragged into flames
no more names
added to the grains
of sand where parents bury babies

they say
change is braving slavery
but maybe,
just maybe
change is good enough
after waiting so patiently

dear America,
you’ve led many to believe
not to believe you any more
our belief is you’d leave us again
as you’ve left us before
strangled and dangling in dangerous shores
you let them force us onto our fours
so our children are forced to fight wars
we never understood what for
you loved us when we’re rich
and ditched us when we’re poor

your citizens have given in to the chores
what more,
before you transform this horde of yours pure
we don’t even need to even the score

we’re no longer your whores
we’ve risen
educating our young to never, no more
be stored in your courts
so if you don’t answer our letters
we will become better
or without you

they say
change came
as refreshing as November rain
but we will always remember
the pain
you should be ashamed

sincerely yours.



1 Response to “Dear America…A Letter To Lady Liberty”

  1. 1 Matt{Rukkus} November 17, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    yo dino, did you write that? if so good shit, if not, still good shit haha. You guys are doin the thing on the 6th yea?

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