Cookin’ Up Summer In The Winter

I promised that I was going to post up pictures of some new shirts we just recieved and here they are. Sorry for not being ‘professional‘ with the snap-shots but this is far from being a look-book of any sort. We have a lot cookin’ up before this year comes to a dead-end so please stay tuned. Some surprises. Some exclusive pieces. Who knows?


And I wanted to expand on one of my personal works…


This is a piece I did some time ago and there has been a number of different renditions of it. Originally, I didn’t plan on releasing this as a shirt design because the first few roughs weren’t up to par but a number of people were really wanting me to give the green-light on it, so I succumbed to the pressures…but NOT without doing hours of retouching first. This illustration was derived from a poem I wrote years ago and I wanted to relay the feeling of a woman scorned and create a visual metaphorization of it in terms of the nitty-gritty lifestyle we’ve all been acquainted with in Los Angeles. The road-rages, rush-hour traffic, skid-row, gang affiliations, and every sinful deterioration in between…but the irony is that the struggles are what makes the city beautiful, in a sense. I’ve done a few other pieces in the same light of the subject which might be in production in the near future.

This artwork holds a personal weight to me, in that I kinda nurtured it from my raggedy book of poems and turned it into a whole new realm. The poem is called ‘Lost Angels..An Ode To The City’.

she was beautiful once
with wings which spanned farther than condors
she flew through the skies
high as a hawk which knew nothing short of the heavens
she was a blessing
who’s blessed us with her presence
but she flew too close to this world
and he shot
with bullets flaming like a bat out of hell
fires scorched her
she cried
but no one listened
because all angels will lose their halos
they clipped her wings
until her feathers scattered on the grounds of defeat
she was beautiful once
i swear
now she’s just another notch on his belt
you’ve probably felt
the poundings in your heart
everytime you fall in love
another angel dies
in disgust
because love is nothing
in a world where lust is everything
how can a man love
when it was men who held her down
down! on the broken-spring mattress
in the alley where she screamed
but even the passerbys couldn’t swallow up enough pride
to be a Samaritan
now she’s scared of him
now she’s scared of men
now she’s just like one of them
the angel with wings broken like the springs of that mattress
strips and sleeps with men as a way to live
in the apartment where she survives on bags of Ramen
she refuses to sleep on her bed
because it reminds her too much of how much it hurts
to be taken away from her heavens
she dreamt of seeing her wings again
grown from her backbones
she can almost see herself flying back home
but her feet are in shackles
balled and chained
as she balls up in pain
in the stall
by the toilet
she vomits a part of her conscience
everytime she finds a bottle of some kinda alcohol
the angel lost
yea i knew her
i swear
she was beautiful once
she used to pave ways for many to be free
but nowadays
it seems every road is smoked up in high ways
she’s saddened by the fact she will never be the same again
& her tears are so contagious
the buildings create down towns
ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
and her bill withers
away from walls stamped “Post No Bills”
i know,
i know,
i know,
i know,
i know,
i know,
somewhere over the rainbow
she’ll fly again
away from this slum village
but until then,
i’ll make sweet love to the sounds of her sirens
and go deep inside her
feeling her screams on Sunset
as she strips
bare elegance against the cold hard pole
which holds a sign in bold red
explaining this ticket in my hand
i’m tricked by the tricks of her plans
she sells sex by the seashore
and i bought into her sins
she’s gonna make me pay
for coming inside of her
Welcome to Los Angeles
Land of the Lost Angels



3 Responses to “Cookin’ Up Summer In The Winter”

  1. 1 dick wang November 25, 2008 at 2:27 am

    wats the black shirt

  2. 2 S. Lun November 25, 2008 at 10:55 am

    Yo Dino, I want those two shirts…email me details.

  3. 3 chantha November 26, 2008 at 12:32 am

    Good Shit i want one of the white one

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