Cause & Effect

I actually wrote a pretty exhausting essay about the music industry as a whole and the new wave of technology — the ability to download your albums at your convenience, but I decided not to blog it because I might lose a few readers halfway through my schpeel.
My actual intent for this blog was to introduce many of you to an album that I’ve been listening to for a few months already, and has been one of the very few albums released this year that I have on repeat repeatedly. I, personally, think this album is one of the best gems to come out this whole year, even though it was very invisible on the US charts. I remember hearing about her years ago when MTV had her as an ‘upcoming’ star (so it’s not all bad on MTV some times, eh?).
This album might go above some of your heads because it is a preferred taste but the craftsmanship in the songwritings are powerful nonetheless. Very poetic. The music is soothing and yet bold enough to keep you in tuned through the whole CD (yes, the WHOLE CD) as there’s no need to skip any tracks.
My input on one of the year’s GREATEST musical experience goes to…


Maria Mena — Cause & Effect

I can’t emphasize enough how beautiful this record is and how much its helped me with my own crafts. As I’ve said, it is a preferred taste in that it’s different from anything else you’re accustomed to listening to, or being drenched with daily on the radio. Give it a try. In a future blog, I’ll give you my list of the top ten albums of 2008 and you’re more than welcomed to throw in your input on which musical talents effected you the most this year also.

For more information about Maria Mena, head over to her site.



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