Beauty In Ugliness

I’ve been digging pretty deep into my music collection lately because a lot of new records don’t excite me anymore. Sure, there are a few gems that catch my attention, but to find something I’ve had for years and finally giving it a listen again can really make my day. I try to stay eclectic with my tastes and honestly, some of the things I’m into can deter people away because it’s so off-the-wall. The variety of music I can listen to throughout the day is very random — Bjork, RJD2, Blackstar, Musiq, Sage Francis, and I might end it with something sweet like Joy Denalane. If you were sitting in my room for a full day, you might rip your hair off just trying to get into any kind of vibe.
After going through my crates, I find something that was so beautifully written and executed, it just can’t be ignored. I remember hearing this song for the first time about six years ago, and I had it on repeat for a few times just to figure out what was going on. I love songs which told stories because it can really pull at your heart if done right. Remember when lyricism was an artform? This particular song is called ‘Taco Day’ (no it has nothing to do with your favorite Mexican food) and it speaks on a very serious topic — rape.
Two years prior to the release of this song, I was a Junior in high school and had met this wonderful person who sat next to me in speech class. I didn’t care much for the class at first-hand but as the school year progressed, the topics became more personal. What I remembered most was one of our very last speeches of that year. This girl, who had always been so uplifting and happy, stood in front of the entire classroom and spoke her heart out to what may be the most moving and honest speeches I’ve ever heard. She admitted that she was a victim of rape. Rape?!?! I felt like the whole world stopped in the classroom and everyone froze in silence as she started to break down into tears. Some things you witness in your life, you never forget, and that was one of those moments. I’ve heard stories on television, but to have something that devastating happen to someone so close had left me stunned. To think someone so beautiful would have to experience something so evil just didn’t make sense to me.
When I heard this song, and saw the video, that was the one thing that replayed in my head. These are the songs that made me write until this day. I think words can heal so many wounds and if read by the right person at the right time, nothing in this world can be more wonderful and rewarding.

Jean Grae — Taco Day



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