I Am.

Novel has been, in my opinion, one of the most overlooked artist EVER. He was signed to the now-defunct Rawkus Records and never had a chance to really be noticed by anyone…until NOW. I love sharing ‘new’ music with people and here’s to one of my favorites for a while. I remember back in 2004 when he did a Rock The Vote campaign commercial with a song ‘Lordy, Lordy’ which I can’t seem to find anywhere on YouTube, and I really want to post it as something worth watching. Oh well, all is not lost. Novel just released his “I Am…Future Black President” EP which you can check out and purchase on his Official Site.

I noticed that I’ve been blogging a lot about music lately…and I guess the reason is simple — I want to share good music to the world. Something with a message and depth is always nice most of the time, because poetry can put a thump in your heart in a more powerful way than any 808s, in my opinion. Sure, we all get bombarded with mindless, disposable music every second the radio is being played into our ears, so this is a quick change of pace.

Since I couldn’t find the clip from the ‘Rock the Vote’ campaign, here’s some recent videos from the one and only — Novel:

Novel ft. Talib Kweli & Spree Wilson — I Am…

And here’s a VERY visually powerful piece of art with a song which holds just as much weight.

Novel ft. Adelle — Intro-Spective




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