The Nice Guy Loses Again

Court systems have successfully deterred us all from humanity. I guess this is the part where we’re all transformed into being heartless robots. Not by morphing us into machines, but by devoiding us from acting as humans any longer, in fears we might all be sued. Stories like this is what makes me lose hope in society and justice. Should this even be an issue? We all hate the ‘bad’ guys but somehow always find a way to punish all the nice ones. If this paralyzed lady gets her millions of dollars, what then?

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What do you think?



1 Response to “The Nice Guy Loses Again”

  1. 1 The Mean Post December 20, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    kinda remind me of this one situation i had: when i bum ask for some money because he was hungry, and when i went inside taco bell, and give him a burritos, he threw it back in my face, asking for money instead, he doesnt like burritos.
    shit like that; makes me not want to be the “good-guy”

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