Dave Kinsey

Dave Kinsey just posted a new BLOG! which covers his recent trip to the FAME Festival in Belgium and his solo exhibition @ the ALICE gallery. His new works are incredible and the pieces hold a lot of weight, in terms of its messages. I only wish I could have seen these masterpieces in person because there’s something about the experience in observing good art that doesn’t translate well off of a computer screen.

This is one of my favorite new batch of art works he’s done. The piece is entitled ‘The Audacity of Hopelessness’ and was done using mixed mediums. What I see in this picture is a lost soul. The zebra, in this case, is headed in a million different directions and has no unison to its soul, therefore, it reaches an epiphany of hopelessness. This is a wall many people find themselves being engulfed in once the accomplishments have been accomplished. Mid-life crisis hits. An urging to do more. Be more. Never satisfied or content with one’s state. A million directions, and no unison. Always being too busy to be a human being.

Here’s a couple more of his newest works for you to gander at:


pictures via Fecal Face


1 Response to “Dave Kinsey”

  1. 1 The Mean Post December 24, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    my favorite kind of art-work.

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