Everything is FALSE


FALSE has always been one of my favorite brands in the international level — not only because of the effectiveness in their simplicity, but also because of the craftsmanship and the level of quality they put into each and every item they’ve produced. Now they’ve expanded the brand even further by offering up their first print-artzine, which has taken them two years to put together. With everything going digital nowadays, it’s an astounding feat to start publishing print media and spending so much time and effort (and money) on what some consider to be a dead art. Seeing as how they’ve ran things with the clothing brand manually, these print-zines were hand-bound, hand-numbered, and hand-signed. In an industry where most have went the route of machineries, it’s good to see some people still prefer to get their hands dirty. Grab a copy at their E-Store while you can as these prints are limited to only 100.


The FALSE brand also runs a host of other projects including, but not limited to, Fallacy Of Rome (F.O.R.) which is a collaborative brand they’ve created with Lupe Fiasco. I love the theme of their company — Everything is FALSE. We are FALSE. The underlying message behind the slogan rings true and is a bite back at its consumers who fall victim to the snare of materialism. Or at least that’s my take on it.



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