Hydration Just Got Cool

In a previous post, I mentioned a bit about a water bottle that I just recieved as a gift. Crazy, it’s labeled as the ‘I-Pod’ of water bottles, so you know it’s going to be big. The KOR ONE Hydration Vessel. The design is pretty awesome and there are these interchangeable KOR Stone Caps which shows up everytime you open the top lid to drink. You’re given blank Stones to write whatever motivational messages you want to also. I don’t really know why they called it a ‘stone’ because it’s more like a ‘pog’, if you remember what those are. I’ve taken it with me a few times at different outings, and I must say it’s one heck of a conversational piece. I don’t think the company’s going to have much trouble marketing a product which markets itself very well.

Yes, that’s my daily Stone message as I’ve been using the bottle religiously and going through sleepless nights working can get stressful, so I remind myself to ‘Laugh Often’, even if it’s at nothing at all. Sounds crazy, right? But at least I have the cool water-bottle to back me up.

Good Morning America had this water bottle as one of the items in its “Trend Watch: What’s Hot In 2009?” segment. KOR ONE is also being heralded as a ‘must-have’ by outlets such as: CNet, CBS’s ‘The Early Show’, Metropolis Magazine, and more. With all these rave reviews, I do concur.



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