Ip Man

I just finished watching what I’m deeming to be one of the better movies of last year. I guess I’m just getting a bit tired of Hollywood, but the last two strongest flicks of the year were on foreign soil. Slumdog Millionaire might just be Danny Boyle’s most extraordinary work in his directorial career. And now there’s Ip Man, which is a story based on the life of the grandmaster of Wing Chun style of kung-fu and master [sifu] of Bruce Lee. The movie takes place during the 1920s and 30s in the midst of the Sino-Japanese War when China was taken over by Japanese military. Being a patriotic man, and seeing his fellow countrymen slained by Japanese soldiers, Ip Man refused their offer to teach the infantry his skills which turned out to be detrimental to his own life.
The movie is said to be the very first piece of work ever dedicated to the man and Donnie Yen does a very good portrayal. I’ve always been a fan of Mr. Yen’s work and this was no less stellar.

Ip Man with a young Bruce Lee.

Where’s the Oscar buzz?



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