Instant Vintage


Even though it was slowly becoming a dead-technology in a world where everything has advanced a million pixels over, everyone loved those Polaroid ‘Instamatic’ cameras which prints the pictures out as you snap them. Something about them attracted a great amount of fans even until this day, so it was a sad day when the news broke out about the discontinuation of the cameras and its film papers.
And I think the people at Polaroid knew how bitter we were about the situation, so they worked on a way to make up for the pain and suffering.
The outcome: pretty dope! The people at Polaroid are just about ready to introduce the world to the dramatically improved ‘Instamatic’ — the PoGo.


The new PoGo camera can print images in one-minute and weighs in at ten ounces. At a width of 4.7 x 3 inches tall, it’s also very much more portable. And the kicker, you can review the pictures before printing. Sure, I still miss the bulky ‘Instamatic’ my parents always made me wear around my neck during our family vacations (and what kid wouldn’t love to lug that around?), but in this case, change is good.

news via Gizmodo


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