Back Again! It’s About That Time…

I know there hasn’t been much posts with us in it lately, and there’s a valid reason for that. We’ve all been in different spectrums of our own universe being busy people. Don’t fret. We’ll be back causing havoc around town again really soon. Also, March is going to be a big month for us. I’ll throw out little sneak-peeks here and there until then, so be on a lookout.
Saturday night, we all finally got together again and ate BBQ at Heng’s pad. Some played poker. Others just yapped the whole time about simple-nothings. I drank a lot of Pepsi and not a drop of alcoholic beverage. I would be proud of myself that night, but all those cans of soda didn’t help. I won’t say I’m trying to be healthy this year, but I want to become more cautious of what I consume.


The one thing I’ve sworn off for good is oyster. Just the sight of people eating it makes me cringe because I had one of the worst experiences with bad oysters the very first time I had some. Kui knew all about that whole messy situation because he was just as sick.
Anyways, we’re baaaacccccccckkkkk…That’s the whole point of all this jibber-jabber.



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