Nobody Walks In LA

An art exhibition entitled “Nobody Walks In LA” debut in Barcelona, Spain on January 23rd which consists of artworks from: David Flores, Edwin Ushiro, Joshua Petker, Mike Shinoda, Nate Frizzell, and many more.
The show has been titled “Nobody Walks in LA,” as a reference to the stereotypical idea that Los Angeles residents are all the same – when the reality is that Los Angeles has become one of the most diverse cities and cultural melting pots in the world. The artists in the show represent that melding of culture and styles with everything from urban street to abstract expressionism. Artists in the show are both LA natives and transplants.
Here are just a few pieces that quickly caught my attention:

David Flores
Acrylic on Velum
28 X 21.5 cm / 11 x 8.5 In
378 Euro / 500 USD

Mike Shinoda (from Linkin Park)
Mixed Media
61 x 61 cm/ 24 x 24 In.
3,027 Euro / 4,000 USD

Nate Frizzell
Acrylic on Canvas
45 x 45 cm / 18 x 18 In.
720 Euro /950 USD

Nathan Ota
Robo Baby
Acrylic on wood panel
50 X 40.5 cm / 20 x 16 In.
3,405 Euro / 4,500 USD

Jack Long
The Watering House
Oil, Gesso on Board
61 x61 cm / 24 x 24 In.
3,030 Euro /4000 USD

The show will be coming to an end on Tuesday, February 10th. I’m wondering if this exhibit will have a showing out here in Los Angeles as it would make a lot of sense. Maybe. Hopefully. Either way, I’m still highly anticipating the next Mike Shinoda showing to complete his two-part exhibit. It keeps getting pushed back, and I’m sure he’s been busy with everything else, but how much longer?



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