Men Are The New Women?

I’m all for keeping an open-mind to new fashion ideas and thinking outside of the box because it makes dressing up fun. I can get pretty picky with ties and can spend hours finding the right blazer, or suit. I started getting into watching those prestigous fashion shows and understanding why the models are adorned in whatever they’re wearing down the cat-walk. I’ve started reading a lot more and being more up on the upper echelon chic. Sure there are still some styles that go way over my head and I’ll never be able to agree with, but I think once you immerse yourself in the whole fashionista-universe, you begin to understand the artistry of it all more.
But as I’ve stated earlier, some things are still way over my head. When I first caught a glimpse of Marc Jacobs wearing skirts to different events, I really had to take a second look. My first reaction was UGH! Til this day, I can’t fathom the sight of a man walking around in a skirt. But some of these fashion designers are pushing the envelope much farther than that. I just hope Kanye West doesn’t start going this direction. The last thing I want to see are a bunch of school boys wearing skirts to school with their new pair of Jordans.


This is supposedly the ‘next best thing‘ in fashion, as it’s becoming a lot more accepted overseas. Higher-end companies like Chanel are already jumping in on unisex clothings. Will it ever be accepted here in the States? We’ll just have to wait and see. Men are the new women? Hmmmm… The models in these pictures aren’t just random nobodies either. They are all internationally-known fashionistas who are well respected in the industry. You can read more on why they’re progressing into the art of mixing men and women’s clothes into their own outfits here.



1 Response to “Men Are The New Women?”

  1. 1 When Giants Meet February 25, 2009 at 8:42 am

    That last shot looks like a Gay Demolition Man movie hahaha. Horrible move in a fashion sense.

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