Feed the Need

Earlier I posted a blog on Lavish Creative Juice’s shirt to support a great cause — the fight against Lymphoma cancer. I’d like to introduce you to another company doing a great deed, and being very creative in how they’re going about the whole project. CommonThreadz is a non-profit organization working to build and fund sustainable projects to help save children’s lives in poverty-strickened areas all over Africa and other developing nations. Their tee-shirt campaign is broken down into four categories:

Signature Series: Tees designed by leading artists from around the world.
Orphan Collection: Tees designed by orphans to help orphans!
CelebreTees: Tees designed by celebs and in collaboration with commisioned artists.
School Contest: Primary, Secondary, College — Contest is everyquarter, winner gets a trip to Africa. (Coming Mar ’09)

These are just some of the shirts designed by orphans to help orphanages in Africa:


I love how this program inspires children in unfortunate situations to use their own creativity to help themselves and those like them. They truly are ‘changing the world one shirt at a time’ and showing us all that there are so many ways we can do our fair share in helping our fellow human family out. 100% of the proceeds will go into the charity and the way they’re able to do that is because CommonThreadz is underwritten by private donors, corporate sponsors, and in-kind contributions in support of its operations. Spread the word. Show your support and purchase a tee, or donate as you please.



1 Response to “Feed the Need”

  1. 1 T A P A T I A February 12, 2009 at 3:37 pm

    heading over to commonthreads right now.
    i love this post.. mos def my fav.

    that and the sketchpad memory game. lol

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