Meat & Greet

I found this experiment intriguing because it shows how easy it is for us to take things for granted. Sure, it’s just a hamburger here, but I kinda saw things in a million different perspective as I was watching this. Watch the whole video.

Aside from the food, what I saw were how beautiful this human race really is. Take away the language barriers, the different skin-tones, and religious practices, and we can learn to appreciate how wonderful of a creation we all are. Not trying to get all preachy, but just seeing people in rural lands who don’t have many, if any, of the conveniences we have — no TV, no Internet, no Blackberries, no IPhones, no McDonald’s FRIES! — but they are genuinely happy makes you realize what the more important things in life really are. Of course it’s easy to lose that train of thought as we’re always busy being busy and worrying about everything and nothing at the same time. But enough of being a chatter-bug, I just think that people who live within their necessary means seem to be happier than those who cling to their pursuit of a never-ending financial stability (because once you make the money you wanted to at first, you always want more).
Now with that schpeel out of the way, it’s funny seeing their reactions to a burger and not even knowing how to handle it. But I can’t judge them. My friends all know how I eat a Big Mac — and I admit it’s an unusual habit.
This has got to be the most genius fast-food campaign I’ve ever seen, so much kudos to Burger King.



1 Response to “Meat & Greet”

  1. 1 T A P A T I A February 12, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    hey!! im a whopper virgin!! where my free hamburger dang it!!

    i think you should post a video up of you gettin down like james brown on that big mac,mac!


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