…Do You Want Me To SLAM It?…

So Saturday came and as I’ve mentioned before, we had a baby-shower at my house. I was trying my best to enjoy the NBA All-Star event which totally failed. The house was packed by six-o’-clock and there were kids running rampant all over the place. Women with their ‘ooohs‘ and ‘awwws‘ with all the other babies present. I called some friends up and we ditched the party to a Round Table Pizza closeby to watch what was left of the contests (3-Point Shootout and, of course, the Slam Dunk Contest). Kinda left me disappointed. Nate Robinson did his thing and entertained the crowd but I was expecting something mind-blowing from Dwight Howard. He flipped everyone out of their seats last year with so many theatrical dunks that I was expecting something better this go-around. Didn’t happen. Although he showed the world his crazy elevation with the 12-ft. dunk.

All I know was that when Nate came out with the ‘kryptonite’ green…


This was all I saw…


What a beautiful shoe. For the first time in a very long time, I was staring at everyone’s feet during the whole event — the game included — wondering what everyone was wearing and scouring through pictures upon pictures for a better look. Only now, it’s much easier since I can just google everything, whereas years ago, I had to wait for the next issue of SLAM Magazine.



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