Vintage Futurism


Kofie One is having an opening reception of his exhibit entitled ‘Vintage Futurism’ which will showcase his latest works on paper, wood, and canvas. His paintings are very symmetrical and there’s a fluidity in the way he makes something as simple as a line come alive. Very delicate and skillful in his attention to detail. By looking at what he’s done in the past, you can only expect something amazing for this show. I love the live-painting he did of the late GREAT Issac Hayes at the 28th Annual Sunset Junction Street Festival in Silverlake, CA.


And now, some more of his works to get you anxious about going to the show:

on wood. 42 x 42 in.

Acrylic on wood panel.


Sold to the thought of attending yet? I can post tons of pictures all day of everything he’s done, but I’ll leave it up to you to find your way to his exhibit.

Zero One Gallery
530 South Hewitt Street
Barker Block- Suite 141
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 28th @ 7PM-10PM
Showing until March 29th



2 Responses to “Vintage Futurism”

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