Canned Goods From The Bodega

I recieved a very pleasant surprise the other day with a package sent to me from Boston. Thanks to Sopal for the hook-up! I opened the box up to see a big can of ‘rotten tomatoes’. The packaging was amazing and the fact that you have to use an actual can-opener to pry it open makes for great detailing on the marketing of the product. If you’ve ever been to, or seen pictures of the shop, you’ll know why the execution of this tee-shirt release in its entirety is so clever. Limited to only 100 pieces and only available through one of the most creative boutiques I’ve ever seen — Bodega. One of the biggest reasons why Boston is one of my must-go-to places.




2 Responses to “Canned Goods From The Bodega”

  1. 1 Sophal May 18, 2009 at 11:37 am

    Big ups also to Dan the manager who set the items aside…saved me a camp out in the rain.

  2. 2 kimly h, mean May 21, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    i love this can concept. hey dino, it’s kimly. i have a new blog now. the mean post is costing me way too much to maintain, so im with blogspot now. it’s free for me. hahaha, so update you sketchpadxfriends for me yeah? thank pal. by the way….

    when will i see some new stuff? im due for some new sketchpad shirts.

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