Making of ‘New Divide’

I’m anxiously waiting to see the final outcome of this music video. I’ve always loved what Linkin Park’s been doing and have owned every one of their DVDs from ‘Frat Party At The Pankake Festival’ onward — also own all their albums. I’m hoping they make a DVD of behind-the-scene clips for this video also. The band’s work ethic is amazing and they’re very well-versed in their craft. There aren’t many rock bands who are so detailed in every aspect of their work which surpasses just the musical aspect, but the video production, album cover art, and even going as far as taking time out of their busy schedules to stay in touch with their fans at all times. As much as I’m anticipating the music video, I’m also stoked about the new Transformers movie also. Linkin Park were given the oppurtunity to do the score for the movie and have been working in the studio with Hans Zimmer, so you know that’s not going to disappoint at all. But until all of that unfolds, we have a little teaser vid here…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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