“Back Like I Left Somethin’…”


That was a Freeway quotable for all you Hip-Hop heads…Anyways, just letting you guys know that I was asked to give a speech to the graduating class of 2009 at the school of which I was an alumnus — Paramount High School — tomorrow morning and I can honestly say that I’m scared brainless. I have thought about what I would say for days now but I think I’m just going to go in there and freestyle it. If anything, most of them might be too busy whispering and passing notes about what parties they’re going to after the ceremony, that they won’t pay much attention to me. We’ll see how catastrophic it’s going to be. I’ll keep you posted.



1 Response to ““Back Like I Left Somethin’…””

  1. 1 Kuizzy Ef Baby June 11, 2009 at 11:54 am

    P -H-S- Pirates! Dino, I Thought You Swore Not To Ever Step Foot On That Rugged Ground Once You Got Out. Hmm…..He Must Have Alterior Motives… AnyWays, If There’s Grass On The Field…Play Ball!

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