Scion Presents: 2009 Vice Magazine Photography Exhibition‏


Vice, the international arts and culture magazine distributed and published in more than 22 countries, comes to Scion’s Installation L.A. Gallery on July 25 for the ninth annual Vice Photo Show.

Best known for documenting youthful excess, questionable street fashion and powerful scenes of political unrest around the world, Vice presents this exhibition in conjunction with “The 2009 Vice Magazine Photo Issue” and is curated by the magazine’s managing editor Amy Kellner. The acclaimed annual edition has previously featured works from Terry Richardson, Ryan McGinley, Richard Kern, Jerry Hsu, Rennie Ellis and many others.

This year’s exhibition features Vice contributors Jamie Lee Curtis Taete, Maggie Lee, and former Vice photo editor, Tim Barber. Tim is also curating a mini group-show-within-a-group-show of photos featured on his online gallery,


Jamie Lee Curtis Taete is a 24-year-old English photographer whose candid images provoke intense reactions, often ranging from awe to disgust. His work has been featured in Vice, Chief, and The Guardian, and has been shown in Mexico, France, Britain, North America and Japan as part of the Tiny Vices traveling exhibition. Taete is a Vice UK staff photographer and maintains a photo blog at


Maggie Lee is a zine-maker, Pratt graduate and Vice staff photographer who has developed a chronological archive of her 21 years through captured light and photocopies. Lee has shown her work in New York, New Zealand and Australia and has recently exhibited her Frenching zine at the New Museum’s “Younger Than Jesus” show.


Tim Barber, a photographer, curator, publisher, designer and former Vice Magazine photo editor runs the online gallery Founded in 2005, the site reflects various approaches to photography and allows emerging and underexposed artists to upload their work onto the influential platform. For this exhibition, Barber will personally install a selection of works from the site.



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