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Sketchpad x CrooKiDZ

We at the SKETCHPAD camp really love feeding freeloaders and supporters alike, so EVERYONE is invited to come. BRING YOUR OWN BEER. We LOVE having fun and meeting new people so don’t be afraid to come up to any of us and tell us your problems. We won’t solve them, but we can all laugh about your issues together. BE THERE!


SketchpadLOVESGround!d x BBQ TIME!

The BBQ was a success and I’d like to personally thank EVERYONE who showed up — either to cop a shirt for support or just there to freeload off some free food (SUCKERSSS!!!). Also would like to thank Moria and the Ground!d team for getting the whole thing together. THANKS to the whole SKETCHPAD street-team for showing up AND all those who purchased a Sketchpad shirt. Okay, that’s enough ‘thank-yous’. I’m starting to sound like I just won a Grammy. I took a TON of pictures and recorded some rather interesting video-clips but I’m not going to make this blog REALLLLY long so I’ll post the video up later. I love GROUND!D.

I totally PUNK’d her earlier.

Christine said this picture has to be on the blog and whatever she says..goes..because from the look of the shirt she’s wearing, she makes good decisions.

Just a couple of these pictures…and for the first time — NO HAT. Well, the hat IS there but….

John (Greenville) came through and debut his ‘Luxury’ tee at the BBQ (LIMITED!!!). The rest of Greenville’s collection can also be seen and purchased at Ground!d.

And YESSSSS, the Sketchpad Team in FULL EFFECT.


Ground!d BBQ

Come by and support one of the DOPEST shops in Long Beach. Sketchpad WILL be there. PLUS Ground!d has a shirt release which is going to fly off the shelves so be there and be one of the lucky ones. We will also be unveiling a new shirt that’s only been seen on a few guys from our Sketchpad camp so far. ALSO, since I’m posting a blog right now anyways, I just wanted to take some time off to give a shout-out to a special fan (LOL!). She took the time to make a crazy Sketchpad collage thing and has been keeping up with our whole ‘project’ for some time now.

Shouts to Candice aka Tapatia for this piece.


LB To SF Pt. 3

Well all good things must come to an end. This is the end of our San Francisco blog trilogy. Hope it was as entertaining as the actual experience for you loyal readers. The last day of our quest was pretty relaxing — sorta like the vacation part of the trip. Adam went M.I.A. with his folks out in Daly City as the rest of the group explored whatever there was to be explored in Castro Valley where we stayed for the two nights at my brother-in-law’s parent’s house. Thank you Tejadas!

I love this secret-garden backyard. I was told to hurry and get a wife so I can have my wedding up here. The wedding part is simple…now who must I bribe to marry me? Hmmm….

How’d you like the new concept of the ‘wheresdino’ pic? Clever, eh.

After we packed the car up, we went looking for something to fill our stomachs. We ended up at a fairly reasonable Italian spot called Rigitoni’s. The food was alright but the atmosphere was relaxing and the self-serve beverage bar was perfect because I think I drank more than my fair share of Coke.

I showed these guys up on my miniature golf skills.

When Adam finally met up with us, we headed out to a small boutique — Back2Square1 — in Daly City.

On the way home…



LB To SF Pt. 2

As I promised, here’s the continuation to our trip to San Francisco this past weekend. Here, you get more of the misadventures of the Sketchpad team. We sucessfully made our trek out to HUF on Sutter and met the friendly cast there. This was my first time in the shop and I must say the organization and that ‘prime’ real estate made for a beautiful set-up. The first store was solely (no pun intended) for shoes. The second store was their flagship store. The third was the boutique for all the other brands they carry which ranges from Dave’s Quality Meat to Crooks to Married To The Mob. Can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans they have up their sleeves for the HUF LA opening.

As soon as we exited the Powell Station, we were greeted with what I’ve heard to be a very popular store — ER 21.

As we were on our journey up Sutter, we stumbled across one of the better art galleries I’ve seen in a long time. Caldwell Snyder. His pieces were very dramatic and it catches every eye that comes across it because of the vibrant colors and the textures of each paintings are very undescribable. This is one of those things you have to see to understand because it’s more than meets the eye. (…yea, that sounded a bit Transformer-ish)

Yea, I don’t know either.

With a pose like that, it’s hard to figure whether the paintings or Kui was the real art in this image.

And finally, HUF!!!

I managed to pull my camera out for the eating part also. There weren’t many this time around, and I so deeply apologize because sometimes I get so hungry that I tend to haul in whatever is on my plate and forget that I have a blog to run.

And if you know me personally, you’ll know that I’m a huge Coke-fiend.

…to be continued……again.


LB TO SF Pt. 1

I’m so glad to be back home after our long trip to San Francisco. I love road trips and just being out without having any kind of obligations to anything, or anyone. I rarely even picked up a phonecall — though I don’t get that many to begin with. I’m too tired to think of what else to write right now so enjoy the pictures, then head out to Frisco and experience everything on your own. I have a ton of pictures and not enough time so this is part ONE.

I really hope someone finds this bird because this is an unusual sign of desperation.

Yea, I’m kind of a big deal out here in Castro Valley.

…to be continued.



First off, I would like to apologize to everyone for the lack of updates. Aside from the troubles of getting my Internet connection, I’ve been out-n-about every single day this whole week trying to put in some work. Adam and myself have been on a journey trekking through Los Angeles’s Fashion District and chasing after buses. Though it’s been an exhausting week, it’s also been a pretty swell one. I honestly feel that with all the hard work we’re putting into this whole Sketchpad project, it’s going to pay off soon. So, enough of the ramblings for now, and just enjoy the pictures.

(the infamous wheresdino pic)


We headed back out to Los Angeles the very next day with Rene and Brian for a quick pick-up. This time, we had more of a luxurious traveling experience riding in the back-seat of Rene’s SUV.

And now, what would a Sketchpad BLOG be without the ‘eating’ part?

DJ Ralphey Ralph eats so fast, I wasn’t able to grab my camera and take a pic of his food in time.

Adam is the most UNCLASSIEST eater I’ve ever met. He makes good food look nasty..and the pizza was GOOD.

..but who am I to talk?